Enhancing a Sheffield Storefront with a Retractable Victorian Style Shop Awning


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Why a Retractable Shop Awning?

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Dough Truck Pizza in Sheffield, to install this charming retractable Victorian style shop awning on their premises in the city. We wanted to share a few pics of our work and let you know how we helped transform their storefront and elevate their brand presence.

Enhancing Aesthetics and Functionality

Dough Truck Pizza came to us in search of a shop awning that not only reflected their brand’s unique personality but also offered practical benefits for their customers and staff. Infinity Awnings’ team of experts meticulously crafted and installed a retractable awning, inspired by traditional Victorian designs. The awning’s rich aesthetics and timeless charm has really caught the attention of passersby, boosting the pizzeria’s visibility. Additionally, the retractable feature allows for easy adjustment to changing weather conditions.

Seamless Integration and Customization

Infinity Awnings understands the importance of seamlessly integrating our work with existing architectural elements. In this case, our team collaborated closely with Dough Truck Pizza to ensure that the retractable Victorian style shop awning blended harmoniously with their shopfront and surroundings while creating a modern and contemporary feel. We customised the awning’s dimensions, materials, and color scheme to match existing branding, which we think has created a visually appealing and cohesive appearance that aligns perfectly with their business identity.

Durability and Weather Resistant

Sheffield experiences diverse weather conditions, necessitating an awning solution that could withstand rain, wind and sunlight. We used high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques to create a durable and weather-resistant retractable awning. The robust frame and fabric ensured long-lasting performance, offering protection against UV rays, heavy rainfall and winds, ensuring the awning’s longevity.

Positive Customer Impact and Increased Footfall

The installation of the Victorian style shop awning has had a profound impact on Dough Truck Pizza’s business. The eye-catching awning is acting as an inviting beacon, drawing the attention of both regular customers and passersby. The enhanced curb appeal created a positive impression and generated curiosity among potential customers. As a result, the pizzeria’s owners witnessed a notable increase in customers, translating into higher sales and overall business growth.

Infinity Awnings successfully transformed Dough Truck Pizza’s storefront in Sheffield by installing a retractable Victorian style shop awning. The project showcases the effectiveness of our tailored awning solutions for shops, optimizing aesthetics and functionality.

Whether it’s a shop front awning or a covered space for your customers to enjoy, Infinity Awnings can provide a wide selection of high quality solutions. For a free, no obligation chat about the services and products we supply, drop us an email or give our team a call.

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