Electric Garden Awnings – How to Make the Most of Your Patio


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Expanding Outdoor Living: Enhancing a Large Modern Family Home in Chesterfield with an Electric Garden Awning

We recently had the pleasure of installing this remarkable electric garden awning in a spacious modern family home in Chesterfield. This case study showcases how our tailored awning solution maximised the usability of the existing flagstone patio, seamlessly extending the indoor living area into the outdoors, while providing the desired coverage for the entire patio space.


Creating a Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Connection

The homeowners aimed to blur the boundaries between their indoor and outdoor spaces, capitalising on their expansive flagstone patio adjacent to full-width retracting windows. Our team carefully designed and installed an electric garden awning with deep coverage, ensuring that the patio became an extension of the indoor living area. This seamless connection facilitated effortless transitions, allowing the family to enjoy the comfort and beauty of the outdoors while being protected from the elements.


Tailored Deep Awning for Maximum Coverage

Understanding the family’s need to fully utilise their paved outdoor space, Infinity Awnings custom-crafted an electric garden awning with a deep projection. This specially designed awning covered a significant portion of the flagstone patio, offering ample shade and protection. The tailored solution enabled the homeowners to make the most of their patio, whether for alfresco dining, relaxation, or hosting gatherings, regardless of the weather conditions.


Effortless Operation and Convenience

The electric garden awning featured motorised functionality, allowing the homeowners to effortlessly extend or retract the awning at their convenience. With just a push of a button, the awning smoothly and quietly adjusted to provide shade or let in sunlight, depending on their preferences. This convenient operation added a touch of luxury and ease, making outdoor living a seamless and enjoyable experience for the family.


We think the result has successfully transformed this large modern family home, expanding the indoor living area and creating a versatile outdoor oasis.


Ready to enhance your outdoor living experience? Discover the infinite possibilities of our electric garden awnings. Contact Infinity Awnings today and let us help you transform your home, creating a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living areas.

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