a New Awning For One of Whitby’s Culinary Gems


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Iconic Whitby Landmark Gets A New Awning

Whitby, the picturesque town on the North Yorkshire coast, is well known for its stunning seascapes, historic architecture, and a rich maritime heritage. It’s a magnet for tourists seeking a quintessential British seaside experience. Among the many attractions Whitby has to offer, The Magpie Cafe stands out as a world-renowned culinary gem, celebrated for its delectable fish and chips.

This case study highlights the work of our commercial awning installation team on a recent project, where we had the privilege to install a new awning in the takeaway shopfront of the Magpie Cafe, ensuring both functional excellence and aesthetic harmony with this iconic eatery.

The Magpie Cafe: A National Landmark

The Magpie Cafe’s reputation extends far beyond Whitby’s shoreline; it is hailed as one of the best fish and chip shops in the world. Tourists flock to Whitby from various corners of the globe, many to savour their legendary dishes. The combination of Whitby’s tourist appeal and the Magpie Cafe’s excellence makes it a cherished destination for thousands of visitors year-round.

Searching for a Trustworthy Awning Installer

Infinity Awnings had the privilege of collaborating with the Magpie Cafe team on this remarkable project. As an experienced commercial awning installer, it was our job to install an awning that would not only provide practical benefits and some cover from the elements for queuing customers, but also retain the distinctive appearance and historical charm of this global attraction.

Tradition Meets Technology

Our team recognised the importance of seamlessly integrating modern technology with traditional aesthetics. To achieve this, we designed a custom awning that incorporated the latest technology while using a black and white material that retained the classic appearance of the cafe. The timeless monochrome palette blended harmoniously with the Magpie Cafe’s existing decor, creating an awning that seemed as though it had always been a part of the cafe’s identity.

As an experienced commercial awning supplier, we always ensure the materials we use are of the highest quality, ensuring longevity and durability in the challenging British climate. And nowhere more so that this ocean facing location. Our awning was designed to provide shelter from the elements while maintaining a welcoming ambiance for patrons, both those who choose to dine in and those who opt for takeout.

Retaining Elegance and Charm

The awning we installed has seamlessly integrated with the Magpie Cafe’s overall aesthetic, standing as a testament to the blending of technology and tradition, enabling the cafe to serve its customers even better and protect them from the whims of the British weather.

An Important Message from Our Team

As a final note, we’d just like to add that our commercial awnings team had the pleasure of sampling The Magpie’s famous signature dish – once we’d finished work of course. And we can confidently vouch for the exceptional quality and flavour that has earned this establishment its global reputation.

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In conclusion, Infinity Awnings’ collaboration with the Magpie Cafe in Whitby showcases our ability to preserve tradition while embracing modernity. The installation of the new awning not only enhances the cafe’s functionality but also adds to its iconic charm.

We are proud to have contributed to the story of the Magpie Cafe and look forward to similar opportunities to serve and beautify iconic establishments in the future.

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